2Dtronics group, Norway grants, UAM, NTNU
2Dtronics, Norway grants, UAM, NTNU

Work Package A: Task 1

Examination of model Hamiltonians describing topologically-nontrivial electronic states in selected 2D quantum materials for possible manipulation of quasi-particles degrees of freedom by external fields.

Within this task, we will consider selected spin-orbit driven and/or topologically driven phenomena, such as various Hall effects, nonequilibrium spin polarization, magnetotransport characteristics for selected quantum materials. We will check, e.g., the efficiency of spin-to-charge interconversion. In principle, we intend to check how the application of the external field and forces (strain, electromagnetic laser beams, gating) change the symmetries and topological properties of the systems. Such external modification of band structure may change drastically electronic properties of the material (e.g., changing the system conductivity, magnetic state, topological quantum phase). The application of the novel 2D materials with externally controllable electronic and magnetic properties allows designing the new electronic and logic devices of enhanced functionality and characterized by lower energy consumption.