2Dtronics group, Norway grants, UAM, NTNU
2Dtronics, Norway grants, UAM, NTNU

Work Package B: Task 1

Calculation of the magnetoresistance of 1D domain walls and 2D skyrmions in metallic AFM systems.

Very recently, a large magnetoresistance in thin film of metallic antiferromagnet Mn2Au has been reported and it has been attributed to resistance arising from domain walls (DWs) but the microscopic origin of that is unclear.

We would like to develop a method for the electrical detection of 2D skyrmions and 1D DWs in AFM metallic thin films. Solitons such as DWs and skyrmions can effectively behave as a barrier potential for itinerant electrons. We propose to calculate the electrical resistivity due to AFM skyrmions and DWs scattering, i.e., magnetoresistance. We intend to consider (i) the resistivity for currents parallel and perpendicular to the textures in zero field, and (ii) the magnetoresistance of solitons as a function of the applied magnetic field.